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Be Our Guest Writer!

Dear readers! Would you like to be our guest writer and contribute an article on Modest Pie?

If you have something newsworthy or interesting to share with our readers, we’d love to hear from you!

Read the Terms & Conditions below and send us your article through our official Submission Form, and if we find the content suitable for our readers, we will be glad to post them here and credit you as the author. It’s a great way to get your word out there!

Terms & Conditions of Article Submission

As the Guest Writer (hereinafter referred to as “Contributor“), you shall agree and acknowledge the following Terms & Conditions for the submission of your article (“Contribution“) on (“Website“).

A. Copyright Agreement

  1. Modest Pie undertakes to publish your Contribution, subject to the vetting through and approval by the admins and editors of Modest Pie.
  2. As Contributor, you declare that you are the sole author of and sole owner of the copyright in the Contribution. If the Contribution contains any content or material belonging to others, the Contributor must have obtained the permission of the owner(s) of the copyright in all such content and materials.
  3. As Contributor, you hereby grant and assign to the Website the entire copyright in the Contribution, including any and all rights of whatever kind or nature or hereafter protected by the copyright laws of your local country and all foreign countries, in all languages and forms of communication.
  4. By submitting your Contribution, you grant Modest Pie a non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide license to republish any material you submit to us in any format, including without limitation, in print and electronic format. You agree that we can make it available on this Website as well as on the social media platforms of the Website, as long as due credit is given to the author.
  5. If the Contribution is deemed unacceptable for publication on the Website, all rights will revert to you and you will be duly notified.

B. Requirements and Guidelines for Article Submission

  1. You may submit as many articles as you wish. Please send only one article per submission in the Submission Form. Above all, your Contribution has to be deemed to fit the quality and expectations of the admins and editors of the Website before it may be published.
  2. The topic of your Contribution can be based on any of the topics discussed on the Website, i.e. fashion, architecture, home decor, health, lifestyle, travel etc., or even topics not covered on the Website, provided that it is not of offensive content or any material deemed defamatory, racist, or otherwise illegal. Contents that depict gross violence, nudity and porn are strictly not allowed for publication on this Website.
  3. Your Contribution may be of a topic that concerns a current trend which may be of interest to your local or an international audience, as a source of information or to start a discussion. You shall avoid any content that is of sensitive nature that may affect an ongoing investigation or run foul with local and international laws.
  4. You shall submit your Contribution in normal paragraph format with title headings and sub-headings as in its written form (no all-caps), without any HTML tag or CSS code, i.e. all embedded formatting (except “a href” tags for outbound links) to be removed. You agree to allow the admins and editors at Modest Pie to format your article to match the existing layout and format of the Website.
  5. Your Contribution shall have a word count of between 300 to 2,000 words. However, this is not a strict requirement, and the word count may fall outside of this range. Nevertheless, a bare minimum of 200 words is preferred.
  6. The articles on the Website cater to an international audience. As such, your Contribution shall be written in English in clear language with observation of rules of English grammar and spelling. Either US or UK rules of spelling is accepted, with only one of these rules to be adhered to throughout the article.
  7. You are encouraged to submit your Contribution written in a clear readable structure suitable for online browser reading. This includes the use of title headings and sub-headings, as well as using proper punctuations and keeping paragraphs and sentences short for easier comprehension and digestion. In any case, you agree to allow the editors of the Website to make adjustments and corrections to your article with regards to spelling, grammar, choice of words and paragraphing, as long as the intention and message of the content are not distorted from its original meaning.
  8. Quotes, citations and references may be provided where necessary but kept to a minimum, and the original source of these shall be clearly stated, including the year at which it was stated and made publicly known.
  9. Please include one image to be used as the featured image for your article. Featured images are images that show above your article, as well as the image at the top of the article title on the index frontpage of the Website. You may also submit up to 3 other images that will be used within your article.
  10. Your images shall be copyright-free or royalty-free. It is your responsibility to check and ensure that the images submitted do not infringe on any copyright or intellectual property laws. You agree to allow the editors of the Website to resize or crop the image to suit the layout and format of the Website. The editors of the Website may at their discretion append other copyright-free and royalty-free images to your article to meet the needs and expectations of the Website.
  11. Only one (external/outbound) link that leads readers out of the Website (e.g. to your personal website) is allowed within the article. For articles with more than one such link, or with links to a commercial website for the purpose of selling a product or service, or a post which is by nature a company profile or corporate news, a Sponsored Post or Advertorial will be required at a fee. External/Outbound links (up to a maximum limit of 5) to draw references as support to the content of the article are allowed, within reasonable use. These links shall not point to any porn websites, online gambling websites, and other websites of similar nature.
  12. In any case, the admins and editors of the Website reserve the right to reject any Contribution deemed not suitable for the Website, or if the quality is found to be below the standards and expectations of the Website. Modest Pie is also under no obligation to upload the submitted article at any requested time, unless it is a Sponsored Post or Advertorial.

C. Warranties and Indemnifications

  1. You warrant Modest Pie and the Website that your Contribution:
    1. is your original work
    2. is not plagiarised or copied and pasted verbatim (word for word) from another source or website.
    3. has not been published elsewhere in whole or in part and that no agreement to publish is outstanding other than within this Agreement.
    4. and its copyright or portion of copyright to the Contribution has not been previously assigned.
    5. does not contain any material or content that is defamatory or is otherwise unlawful or which invades the rights of privacy or publicity or infringes any proprietary right, including copyright and intellectual property.
  2. You agree to indemnify and hold Modest Pie, the Website, its admins, editors and staff, as well as all affiliate organisations harmless against any claim arising from or related to the breach or inaccuracy of any of the warranties listed above.

D. Acknowledgement and Agreement

  • Clicking on the “I AGREE” button below will take you to the Submission Form page, where you will key in your personal and contact details, and attach your Contribution article and images for submission. Please note that there is no other access to the Submission Form on the Website and no way for Modest Pie to formally receive any submission from you for publication, other than via the “I AGREE” button below. Therefore, by clicking on the “I AGREE” button followed by the subsequent submission of the Contribution article, you are deemed to have fully read, acknowledged and agreed to the Terms & Conditions above.

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